Co-Own This Site!

Amazing things are happening with this site and our offer is unlike any thing else on the net!

I've learned from years of experience that the way to 'own the market' is to be the biggest and the fastest to get your product out there..

And we are in the midst of doing exactly that!

It occurred to me that you and I both can capitalize on this new phenomenon, you know what I'm talking about... mobile websites, phone apps, our program actually does both.

This is an extremely limited opportunity... we will not flood the market with competitors
against you.

Here's what I'll do for you.

I will set up a unique url just for you ( Alternately, you can purchase your own domain name from GoDaddy or other registration site and forward it to this unique address.

And I will build for you an exact copy of our Phone Apps website, with two huge exceptions.

At the top of the landing page we will announce to the world that you or your company are in partnership with TheiCANetworkPhoneApps. We're talking major branding here, not to mention cash flow.

And, here's where it gets real interesting: You will earn 50% of all gross sales from all of your own personal sales. As you may know we pay our affiliates 25% commissions and a 5% override on the sales our affiliates customers who join our affiliate program make. It's a simple 2-tier affiliate program.

This is not MLM.

And, we will leave the affiliate program in place on your co-branded site so that your affiliates can start making sales for you and we manage everything and then after we pay affiliates on the sales they make, and yup even on the 2-tier level, we pay you 50% of what we make.

Example, an affiliate makes a sale of $39, we pay them $9.75, which equals the 25%. That leaves us, our company, $29.25. We pay you 50% of that.. $14.62.

And when the sales are made by the 2nd tier of your affiliates, we pay the 1st tier the 25%, plus their 5% override, and then again split the difference with you.

This can be astronomical for you!

You need to act on this and act on this fast! These partnership positions will sell out!

And just so you know, they're not cheap. It takes us time to set this up, and if you think about it, you'll actually be in competition with us, so we will not saturate the market with these partnership positions.

Fill out the form below for and I will contact you with details on how you can Co-own this site!


Michael T. Glaspie
Net Marketers Call Me Their "Secret Weapon!"

PS: We also offer a complete branded site in select vertical markets. You may request details here.

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